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10 Awesome Ways To Store Your Bike and Save Space

For cyclist who live in the small apartments finding a way to store a bike is a number one concern. You need to find a perfect place where your bike is not going to interrupt your everyday activities and of course it needs to be safe, so storing a bike outside is definitely not an option.

There are lots of ingenious ways how cyclist store their bikes indoors. Here are some of them.


Bike Hangers
These hangers are great because they allow you to store more than one bike and they take much less space than wall hooks.

Wall Hooks
Although these take a little bit more space, they are also a great option. Remember to always buy wall hooks with rubber protection so they don’t deform your front wheel.

Ceiling Lift
This option looks a little bit crazy, but it actually works. The good thing is you don’t need to lift your bike by yourself. These systems can pull up bikes that have less than 50 pounds and they can hold them very high, which is perfect for the flats with high ceiling.

10 Awesome Ways To Store Your Bike and Save Space


Place It on the Shelf
I know this also sounds crazy, but there are multipurpose shelves and cabinets that come with a space for a bike and even with some hooks to keep it still. These all-in-one shelves and storage spaces can be a little bit costly, but you can always make them yourself. You can use the rest of space in the cabinet for storing all of your bike accessories.

In the Hallway or on the Terrace
These are the most common places where people keep their bikes indoors. When storing bikes this way be sure to equip it with practical folding parts like: folding pedals or rotating handlebar. Folding bike is another good idea and you can buy these in almost every well equipped bike store.

Repurposing Furniture You Already Have
If buying a new multipurpose storage is too expensive for you and you are also not in the mood for some bigger DIY projects, you can always add a few holders under the shelves you already have on your wall. Place the holders in the way that you can fit your bike’s frame in between. Folding bike parts also come very useful when it comes to this kind of storing.

Art Pieces
If you are an artist you can always make some fancy bike storage or holder and show off in front of your friends. You can also buy it on e bay and tell people you made it.

10 Awesome Ways To Store Your Bike and Save Space


In Basement or on the Attic
This might not be a good idea since some of these spaces are very humid and some parts of your bike might corrode. Before deciding to place your bike in the basement or on the attic you need to install some kind of ventilation.

Display Stands
You can make or buy many different display stands, from small ones that you place on the floor and that hold bike’s wheels to bigger ones that can hold several bikes and are up to two meters high.

Under the Stairs
This is another common storage area in American homes and apartments. If you have an open under-stairs area some bike hooks placed there would be a great idea. This way you can hang bikes upside-down on their wheels and you can also hang several bikes at once. Be sure to always check how much load your stairs can withstand.

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