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6 Tips for Buying the Right Horse Trailer

If you are a passionate horse owner, you want the best trailer for transporting your animals. Unfortunately, not every horse trailer meets your exacting standards. By working with a qualified trailer manufacturer like Doubletake Trailer Sales, owners can buy the best vehicle for moving their prized horses. Here are six tips for buying the right horse trailer.

  1. Buy a Trailer Made for Horses

Manufacturers make trailers for a variety of purposes. When it comes to transporting animals, you can find general livestock trailers and those built to move specific types of livestock. Horses are unique animals that have unique transportation needs. Thus, you probably don’t want to move your horse in a regular livestock trailer. Instead, choose a trailer made specifically to transport horses. If you don’t, your animal might not fit properly inside the vehicle.

  1. Consider Your Transportation Needs

When you are ready to buy your horse trailer, you need to analyze your transportation needs. Do you plan to move several horses or just one?  Are you going to go a long distance or just down the road?  Once you understand your transportation objectives, you can work with a trailer designer to get the right trailer to meet your needs.

  1. Think About Unique Design

After you understand how you intend to transport your animals, you can think about designing a unique trailer to move your animals. Alternatively, you might decide to buy a pre-made vehicle. Either way, you should make sure you consider your horse’s comfort and safety in deciding on your trailer. The design experts at Doubletake Trailer Sales understand how to properly move animals. They can help you decide whether to go with a stock design or to create a trailer to meet your specific needs.

  1. Don’t Scrimp on Quality

 Horse trailers are available at a variety of price points. Remember, though, cheaper trailers often use low-quality materials that might not give your horse the best ride possible. If you purchase one of these cheap trailers, you might inadvertently contribute to your animal’s stress due to a noisy, uncomfortable ride. These trailers also might not offer your horse the best protection in the unfortunate event of an automobile accident. Thus, when you are choosing the right trailer for you, try not to scrimp on quality.

  1. Consider Loading and Unloading

 Horse trailers have a variety of designs for loading and unloading animals. When you are choosing the right trailer for your horse, think about how you will get your animal on board. If you want to easily load and unload your horse, consider purchasing a straight-load trailer. Trailers with this designer often cause significantly less stress to the animal and fewer headaches to the owner.

  1. Demand Good Customer Service

Purchasing a horse trailer is a significant buy. You should try to work with a company that values customer service. If you do, you will likely get the right trailer for your horse’s needs. Even better, if there is a problem during design or manufacturing, you can expect companies that pride themselves on delivering an exceptional customer experience to offer good solutions.

Don’t risk animal safety and well-being by transporting your horses in an outdated or ineffective trailer. By working with Doubletake Trailer Sales, you can design and build the best vehicle for moving your animals.

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