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Why You Should Always Buy Tires from a Reputable Dealer

A common observation is that cars are the second-largest investment you will ever make. A large part of that investment is the initial cost of the car, of course, but maintenance over the years can add up to a significant amount as well. While that’s just part of car ownership, it causes many drivers to seek out ways to save on the costs. Whether that’s by neglecting to have repairs made to the vehicle, not having it regularly serviced, or driving it around at top speed everywhere will vary from owner to owner. However, of all of the things that need to be taken care of on a car, tires are quite possibly the most important.

Separating You from Fast-Moving Asphalt

Tires endure a lot of abuse over their lifespan. Compare them to shoes—they tend to last much longer, travel further distances, and have a several-thousand-pound load on them at all times. It’s genuinely impressive that tires are capable of lasting even a few months at a time, let alone years. Not to mention, car tires in Dubai suffer more than most. They endure high 30ºC heat all throughout the summer. When it does come time to change them out due to excessive wear or damage, make that priority number one.

Aside from the car-damaging implications of having a tire blow out, few drivers have experienced a tire blowout first hand. Do you think you know how to react appropriately? Tire blowouts are a relatively common cause of car collisions. Essentially, your best-case scenario with a tire blowout is that you need a new tire and probably a new rim, which alone can cost hundreds of dollars. The worst-case scenario can be fatal, and much costlier.

Dealer Danger

Drivers who buy their tires from used-tire dealers tend not to consider these horrifying consequences. In their mind, all they see is price and that price is going to be a lot cheaper if they are buying tires that don’t necessarily meet Dubai’s safety standards. While it is illegal for tire dealers to sell tires that are dangerously worn, that doesn’t always stop them. That means that customers who are looking to cut costs severely or customers who genuinely cannot tell if a tire is safe or not can fall victim to their schemes. Tires with significant cracking, excessively worn tread, and severe damage have all been seen for sale at untrustworthy tire shops.

As a car owner, you have to realize that it’s not always going to be possible to cut corners. Shopping at a reputable tire dealer is the only way to ensure that you’re not being sold a counterfeit or damaged tire, or that you don’t get ripped off. Many times, reputable dealers will work with their customers to figure out how to pay for it, and they also offer warranties to ensure that you’re safe on the road. As the old saying goes, “Never go cheap on anything that separates you from the ground: Shoes, mattresses, and tires.”

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