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Avoid Common Mistakes Associated With Car Shipping Company

There are lots of interstate car transporting services including some reputable and few not so reliable companies. All serve the same purpose but difference lies in their service quality. You need car Transport Company to ship your car across the country but there are steps that need to be followed to avoid common mistakes.

Never forget to check the shipping company

Transport vehicles need to carry registration from Transport Department. If car shipping location is across border then they have to be registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can check their registration number on Government website. Avoid car Transport Company, which is unregistered or don’t give their MC or DoT number. Never depend on verbal claims and promises. Everything needs to be in writing and not verbal. For total peace, ask for references of past clients.

Incorrect or missing documents

To ship your car, many shipping companies need specific documents prior moving your vehicle. It includes vehicle registration and insurance certificate. It is a proof that car is yours. The shipping company will also conduct your car inspection and issue a report. This is proof of car condition before shipping. You need to be present during the inspection, to see that everything mentioned in the report is accurate. On delivery, there is another inspection report which needs to be signed by the driver. It will be needed to claim on Transport Company’s insurance.

Avoid paying more than necessary

Car shipping rates differ from one company to another. Same business may even charge differently depending on kind of services needed. Therefore request about how much the transport company will charge and what services will be included, so there will be no surprise, ultimately. Car quotes are basically free, so compare cost of different services. Cheapest is not always best. Low means poor service quality or you will need to depend on shipping company to collect car when it is suitable for them instead of other way round. In case, you are in a hurry to have car delivered on specific date then pay a little extra.

Ensure they carry enough insurance

Interstate car shipping services needs to carry proper insurance to cover damages to vehicles, while moving. Check the insurance certificate of the company and understand the amount of coverage your car will get, while in transit. If you think that the company’s insurance coverage is not sufficient then you can pay them a fee to increase it. You can even check extra coverage from your personal insurance provider.

Never forget to empty the vehicle

Car shipping company is legally prohibited to ship cars, which contain household items. Some do allow 100 pounds of personal belongings to be transported within the car but will not accept responsibility, if it goes missing. In addition, your insurance will not cover damages caused to car as it was not empty but filled with your personal items. In case, Transport Department inspected your car during journey then they will seize your belongings. Nevertheless, the extra weight will possibly escalate your cost, so it is wise to ensure that car is empty.

Do research and find reliable car shipping service. You will feel confident that the transport service will ship your vehicle and deliver it to your new home without any trouble.

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