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Best Paris Seine River Cruise Tours

Seine river flows in the heart of the city and all the famous monuments of Paris can be witnessed, if you pass through the river bank. The views from the boat also give a magical look. Therefore, many tourists who visit the city of Paris often prefer to go on a cruise tour on the river of Seine.

There are a number of options available for Seine river cruise and some of the best among them are mentioned in the subsequent paragraphs.

  1. Seine-River Dinner Cruise

With this cruise while floating through the Seine you can also enjoy a 3-course gourmet meal and in the background, the city that will be twinkling and you will get the feel as if you are seeing a movie scene. The tour starts from the surrounding of Eiffel-Tower. You can get the full view of the scenery around you because of a glass-topped boat and it can be ideal in any kind of weather. The menu that will be provided in the cruise includes roasted chicken along with a carrot-and-potato gateau which is seasoned with chocolate-raspberry-mille-feuille and aniseed. Music will also continue during the tour.

  1. Paris Cruise along with Lunch

If dinner cruise does not suit you or if it is too late for you then you can prefer to have your meal on the river by taking this lunch cruise. This 2.5-hour cruise tour also provides similar glass-topped boat along with 3-course lunch. You will also be served drinks on the cruise. The menu includes the following:

  1. Duck foie grass-on-toast
  2. A T-bone steak along with sweet potato puree
  3. French cheese course

Any traditional French music will also play when you are floating slowly on the river.

  1. Paris Seine-River Brunch Cruise

Much better and inexpensive choice can be floating with brunch, which will be least formal kind of meal however brunch on this Seine riverboat will be much fancier than any meals that you might have ever eaten before. For French people however, this concept of brunch is little new and also completely new idea for this cruise too. But you will surely enjoy Brunch while floating on the river.

The boat will provide nice armchair seating, which will be facing outward and tasty little ​brunch that include fruit, pastries, salmon, etc. and also a hot cup of tea or coffee. You can also get a champagne toast in case you so desire.

  1. Champagne-Tasting on a Seine-River Cruise

French people are very fond of their wine and particularly champagne is considered as one of the sparkling wines. So why not taste this famous French wine in the cruise during this hour-long sunset cruise. You will realize the taste of champagne and also learn the differences between a demi-sec, a brut, and a rosé and also how to check and assess champagne.

  1. VIP Luxury Yacht-Gourmet Dinner Cruise

All the above cruise that has been proposed to you are certainly a luxury cruise, however if you want to go to another level then instead of choosing any typical flat-bottomed boat, go for a luxury yacht where you can enjoy the smooth ride and also can feast multi-course tasting menu which will be served by the staff and in a highly professional manner. Fine linens will be used in your table in a dining room and after you have finished eating, there will be spacious bar room for you to retire. You can also walk on the covered decks or in any open-air area so that you can click pictures and also enjoy all the night views. You may also visit the website to get info on different providers of Seine river cruise tours and make your bookings.

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