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Car Maintenance – What Is The Lifespan Of The Battery Of A Brand New Car

Weather plays a bigger role in the performance of a battery. The time period till which the battery will last is very much dependent upon the season. In hot season, car batteries are unable to give their best performance. It serves as a big toll on its reserve capacity.

Due to the dependence on temperature, vehicle owners who live in hotter regions of the country need to get their battery tested post 2 years of ownership. On the contrary, those who stay in cold regions can wait for 4 years to test its capacity and performance.

The impact of heat on car battery

Heat kills the efficiency and capacity of the battery. Previous season heat can weaken the power of your battery and causes starting troubles in the winter season too. On using the battery in the summer season the starter needs more electrical current to transform the cold engine with the dense oil. provides an extensive source of manuals for bestseller vehicles.

Useful tips to increase the battery life of a car

Though the battery life of a car is limited, but taking best care of it can keep it in the best condition for several years. It can also assist in extending the life of the battery to a large extent. Manual download is the trusted source worldwide to get repair and maintenance related manuals. Below are some easy to implement ways that has been proven to increase the battery power of a vehicle.

Lessen the number of short rides

When you take a ride on your car for smaller duration, it prevents its battery from getting fully charged. It is required to drive your car often for longer durations. This will help in maintaining the car’s battery in the best state.

For those who drive occasionally can even buy a portable charger to charge their car battery. Manual download is the best website DIY instructions for various types of vehicles such as cars, bikes and vehicles such as RVs, etc. and downloadable manuals in PDF.

Keeping the battery securely fastened

If the battery of your car is not tightly fastened then it could lead to vibrating. This can result in short circuit and internal damage as well. Car owners are required to inspect the battery terminal on a regular basis. This is very important if you frequently drive on rough and bouncy roads. Ensure that the battery is tightly held and positioned within the mounting bracket.

Switch off the lights at the time of exit

Many people forget to switch off the headlights and door lights of the car. This is damaging to the battery of the car. To save from such loss, it is required that you turn off the lights while exiting the car.

Heat is the dangerous factor that reduces the life span of batteries. Following these tips, you can easily increase the lifespan of your car battery to a considerable extent.

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