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Five Things That You Must Do After Motorcycle Accident

If you have met with a motorcycle accident, then your emotional state may be highly disturbed. To remain calm, and making right sense of whatever just happened can be quite challenging for you.

However, what are the steps that you must take immediately after the accident can have significant repercussions as regards to insurance coverage as well as your subsequent legal disputes.

Best approach logically should be to avoid doing or saying anything that can be construed as admitting guilt. In order to claim damages and also to prove your innocence, what to do after a motorcycle accident is very important.

Following are five guidelines that will be useful to follow on such occasions:

1. Check both yourself and others about injury

The very first thing that you must do immediately after accident is to check self and all others involved to find their injuries. Immediately call for medical help for you, other drivers, passengers or anyone who is hurt.
At least, no one will blame you for the accident at that moment as you called for help.

2. Take photos first

Try to take pictures of the scene after ensuring that it is safe enough, and you do not create any further damage. In case, you have camera or cell phone take pictures from different angles. Documenting everything about accident and the surrounding scene can prove helpful for insurance or any court case.

3. Move out your bike from the road

Try to move your bike from the road soon, as leaving the vehicle on road may become traffic hazard. Since, other drivers may not know about accident. Any debris on the road, especially during night, may become reason of additional accidents or injury, for that you can be held responsible.

4. Gather information

If you could not call medical emergency assistance, then contact local police department. Police officer will visit the accident scene to draw up complete police report.

For you this will be an important authenticated document to prove details about your case. You can also speak with passerby as witnesses, other drivers, passengers, and also the police officer. Try to gather the following so that you have everything that you need:

• Vehicle details of all involved vehicles that must including make/model including license plate numbers
• Contact information of the entire witnesses
• Name as well as officer’s badge number
• Police report number
• Mobile/telephone number of other drivers, their names, addresses, phone numbers.
• Vehicle identification numbers for any vehicles involved
• Insurance company name/contact information of all the involved vehicles

5. Call your insurance company agent

After motorcycle accident, you must call the insurance agent immediately and remain prepared to provide them all necessary information that you have collected so far.

6. Contact motorcycle accident lawyer

Quite possibly, you may require services of motorcycle accident lawyer for many reasons after the accident.
In spite of no fault of yours if other parties are blaming you for the accident or if your insurance also denies your claim or your damages are exceeding the policy limits or you have got serious physical injuries then you will need lawyer’s help.

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