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KTM Duke 200 vs Yamaha R15

Sports motorcycles are the way to go in this day and age. With the demand for speed increasing rapidly among the youth these days, two-wheeler manufacturers are emphasizing more on motorcycles with high speed and power. Among such a scenario, there are two distinctive companies, KTM and Yamaha, who have mastered the art of producing racing motorcycles.


KTM Duke 200, an aggressive naked motorcycle, is epitomized as the ultimate racer, going about its duty silently. Yamaha R15, on the other hand, makes its presence count for every ounce of power that it delivers. This power is perfectly complemented by a conventional sports design.


So which one among them would be ultimate winner on the race track? Which of these would gain the dominance over the other? Which one is more suitable as per your requirements? Let’s find it out ourselves.


The overall styling

Both the motorcycles have distinctive body and design. The KTM Duke 200 looks like an ultimate aggressive street fighter. It is made on a naked platform, something that is slowly, but surely gaining prominence among the crowd. The front carries a diamond shaped headlamp and registration number plate above it. There is no windscreen covering the digital console. The fuel tank portion is beefed up on its otherwise sleek exteriors with “Duke 200” sticker on it. The rider seat is high with a higher pillion seat, making way for a naked design. The motorcycle lacks a pillion hand rail grip denoting that it is born with racing genes to work with.


The Yamaha R15, on the contrary, is a conventional sports motorcycle with a full faired front and sharper rear section. The front has dual headlamps and a windscreen for its semi digital console with analog tachometer. The handle is covered with full fairing to add to the racing aerodynamics. The seat height is lower than the KTM Duke with the same high pillion seat and no hand rail grips. However, the seating positions differs greatly. Even though the KTM Duke is aggressive itself, the seating position is a lot more upright compared to the Yamaha R15, which has a bend forward rider positioning.


The power generation

The KTM Duke 200 is a definition of power with a 199.5cc four stroke, single cylinder liquid cooled engine. It is ever ready to take on any opponent on the road with the engine thumping out a whopping 25 bhp of power at 10,000 revs per minute and 19.2 Nm torque at 8,000 revs per minute. It’s this powerful motor that causes the motorcycle to accelerate from 0 to 60 km per hour in around the 3 seconds mark. Scarily fast, indeed.


The Yamaha R15 on the other hand, has a lesser capacity 149cc four stroke, single cylinder liquid cooled engine that produces a modest 16.8 bhp of maximum power at 8,500 revolutions per minute and a peak torque of 15 Nm at 7,500 revolutions per minute. However, even though the R15 has a lesser powerful engine compared to the Duke 200, there is no difference in the top speed as the Yamaha motorcycle can hit the 131 km per hour mark, very close to the KTM.


The price factor

The only thing that works against the KTM Duke is the price tag. The extremely higher price makes it an exclusive motorcycle for the riders with a deep pocket, while the budget-conscious people are made to be content with the Yamaha R15. At around the Rs. 1.15 lakh mark, the Yamaha R15 is around Rs. 30,000 cheaper than the KTM Duke, which is available at an exclusive showroom price of Rs. 1.44 lakh in Delhi.




The KTM Duke 200 is one of the most powerful motorcycles in the block and surely carries the company’s tagline of “Ready to race” quite brilliantly. The Yamaha R15, on the other hand, is the conventional sports bike and is one of the most powerful contender in the sub 150cc segment. However, with the urgency of acquiring speed among the youngsters these days, KTM Duke 200 turns out to be the ultimate choice as it silently steals the show away from the Yamaha counterpart.

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