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Maintenance Advice for a Livestock Trailer

If you are interested in picking up a new livestock trailer, there is a lot you need to know. But something that might have slipped past you is a little bit of what you are going to need to do to maintain this trailer after you get it. It isn’t too hard to keep a livestock trailer in nice shape, but if you have been visiting the livestock trailer dealers looking for a livestock trailer for sale then you know that they are an investment. Here are a few good tips for keeping your new trailer in good condition.


The idea that you need to clean alivestock trailer for sale is a bit obvious, but here is a little bit of knowhow on what is the best way. For example, it might be tempting to just use a pressure washer on the whole thing, but what livestock trailer dealers and owners know is that a pressure washer can damage the finishes on the trailer. A hose and some car wash soap in some warm water is the way to go on any colored side sheets or polished panels that you have on your trailer. Make sure that you get everywhere. Especially important are all the lights and reflective surfaces. These are essential for driving at night and if they aren’t clean they won’t help much. Spray out the underside of your trailer, that’s where most of the dirt and chemicals will start building up. Because most trailers are going to be taller than you, it is easy to forget to get the top parts. Grab some long brushes and clean those out. If you find any rust spots, be sure to get those with a little sand paper or steel wool. Afterwards make sure to paint over with rust proof paint that is the same color as your trailer.


Every so often you are going to want to go over your entire livestock trailer and inspect all of the moving and functioning parts making sure that everything is still in good condition. Check your tire’s inflation and tread level. It is vitally important that these are at safe levels, and make sure to pump or replace the tires as needed. You should be able to find the recommended PSI for your trailer in the owner’s manual. At the same time, you can check all of your lighting, and by extension wiring. It is important that these are in good condition for your safety and for your trailers general condition. IF any lights don’t work, make sure to get them fixed before you take any long trips. Lastly, go around greasing all the moving parts of your trailer, but only if they should be moving.


Now, as you pick out your favorite livestock trailer for sale, you can remember all of these maintenance tips. If you apply them, you can lengthen the life and value of your trailer, and get more use out of it. Use this to pick a trailer that you will love and enjoy for a long time, because your new trailer will last a long time.

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