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Does it matter if you clean your car personally or take it to a wash service?

The truth is it doesn’t matter as long as your vehicle gets a thorough clean both in the interior and on the exterior.

We all know the importance of maintaining a clean car both inside and out especially during rainy seasonswhere mud from roads seem to be plastered all over our vehicles, and sometimes we carry the mud on our shoes into the car. Winter isn’t any different as the salt from roads, and dirty snow doesn’t leave much of choiceeither.

In such instances, some of you would rather pull their cars onto the front lawn and take clean the car themselves while some would rather run over to the car wash, drive in one end and come out the other with a sparkling clean car.

But how do you drive at one end with a dirty car and come out the other all cleaned up? Here is how the process works.

If you have ever been to carwashes, you know that there several types of them. If you’ve never been to a car wash before well, now you know.

The first and most common type is the self-serve car wash.

Aself-serve is an open bay car wash where your car sits inside, and you get provided with all the necessary tools and equipment to get your vehicle clean.

Generally, in a self-service wash, there are pressure sprayers and some foaming brush to get the gunk off. These are typically coin-operated systems that let you make your settings. If your car just needs a rinse, then you can set it to just that. If it’s a more in-depth job needing to take place, soaps and sometimes waxes can be added. If the car doesn’t get its final rinse before the time runs out, you’ll need to drop in a few more coins for some extra water.

Another type is the rollover system wash.

A rollover is a car wash machine that you have probably seen in the parking of one or two gas stations. The system works in such a way that you pay only for the type of wash you want and then drive your car into the bay until it is positioned correctly. The system then begins to roll over your vehicle as the brushes in the track perform their specific functions like soaping or rinsing with every pass.

Rolloversystems provide for a simple but quality wash that you will love when you decide to try it.

Full-service car washes are also a popular type that you might want to consider if you want to give your car a bit of pampering. This kind of wash involves a tunnelwhere your vehicle travelsthrough, but it does this on a conveyor belt type system.

For this wash, you are not to be in the car as you will leave it with the attendant while you wait comfortably in the waiting area sipping diet soda or doing whatever pleases you. An advantage of the full-service wash is that it gets both your interior and exterior cleaned to the maximum. The attendant usually vacuums the interiorand then it is later hand dried.

At a full-service station in addition to the interior and exterior cleaning, you can get your carpets steam cleaned as well as waxing and polishing of your car.  So if you want a thorough and more detailed wash service, then a full-service station is the place you want to be.

With all that you have read, do you think it matters which way you get your car cleaned? I don’t think so. It just depends on how and where you want it cleaned.

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