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When a Phone in the Hand is worth Two in a Bush

The long hot days of summer are great for taking a road trip.  But you must prepare carefully and be sure your car is capable of all the mileage you plan to put on it before you take off.  To the novice, a good set of tires and a strong gps signal are all they need to take off. It’s important to schedule time for your car to be checked out by an experienced, highly trained technician who is certified to work on your type of car.  They can diagnose problems that are just starting to show up and recommend a repair or maintenance package that will address it.  When you head off the problem you save time and money.

Time and money are two subjects that come up often when vacation planning time comes around. You can save both when you shop for goods and services using Groupon.  Many users find the vacation planning process is easier because in one sittng, you can book your travel, schedule maintenance on your car, and shop for clothes from a retailer like Express and find other items you’ll need.  And in many cases you can have your goods delivered for free.  That means you can take the care in for maintenance and shop right from the waiting room at the dealership because Groupons are available and used online and in store.  It’s like that old saying, a phone is only as smart as the one using it.  Yours could earn a gold star for all the convenient ways it can help you plan your day.

And Groupon offers real savings like 40% off dresses from Express, 40% off any Express order with the use of a special promo code, and you even get perks just for signing up for text alerts and emails that will give you first dibs on other sweet deals.  So what could be easier than using Groupon to shop for and plan your vacation and handle other areas of your life.  It’s like that old saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  But instead of a bird, you’ve got a Groupon.

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