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Tips on How to Buy Used Cars in Any Indianapolis Ford Dealerships

One of the main problems in buying a used car is that you have no crystal ball to really see what the car has been through before it was displayed on the dealer’s showroom. But there is a sure-fire method that will help you determine if used cars in Indianapolis Ford dealerships are good buys or not.

Here are some unusual tips that will surely save you money, effort and time.

Be prepared to walk away
The problem with most consumers is that they are easily influenced by the things they see on advertisements. They see the product they want to buy through rose-colored glasses.

To counter-act this tendency, always be prepared to say no to the used-car salesmen if you see that there is something that is not right in the car that you wanted to own very badly.

Know exactly what you’re looking for
The salesman in the used-car lot will take you everywhere if you don’t have any idea on what type of car you are looking for. So, the very first thing you need to put your mind on is: what exactly are you looking for?

Put down on paper the type of car, the type of engine and horsepower you want, the car brand and the model year, the car amenities that you’ll be happy with, and so forth. With all these things clearly stamped in your mind, the used-car salesmen in any Indianapolis Ford dealerships will not be able to influence you according to his revenue-motivated view point.2

Shop with a budget in mind
It’s wise to shop for a used car according to the payment you can afford per month. Don’t make the mistake that most used car shoppers do, where they haggle with the vehicle’s sales price.

You need to share with the car salesman how much you are able to afford each month as regular installment for the used car. That doesn’t mean you are going to buy the car in installment form. You’ll end up paying more if you do that. Your only purpose is to let the salesman see your capacity and thus recommend a car within your budget limit.

Don’t negotiate the price according to the car’s MSRP
It is not good to start negotiating for the price using the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. You need to do your homework first, and research on the going rate of the used car that you want to buy.

There is plenty of information you can gather online. Some of the websites you can get this information from include Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book and several others. You can also read some online reviews about the used car you want to buy. Certainly, they would indicate the current price of that car brand and model year.

Don’t forget the test drive
One thing you should never forget is to ask the car dealer of any Indianapolis Ford dealerships to test drive the vehicle you want to buy. No matter how many good points you’ve seen in the car, your final verdict must be suspended until you’ve actually driven it.

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