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Top 13 Lisbon Tourist Attractions 2019

Lisbon is the largest city and capital of Portugal. Apart from tourism, the city is considered as a global city due to important sectors like finance, entertainment, commerce, media, arts, education and international trade. Lisbon is one and only city that is recognized as global city in Portuguese. Lisbon was once known for its architecture and monuments, but after 1755 earthquake, many famous places were destroyed. Now, the remaining historic monuments are being treasured by the government to maintain tourism at its peak.

Here is a list of 13 top rated tourist destinations in Lisbon

  1. National Azulejo Museum

The museum is recognized for its oxidized coated tiles which have various arts and features painted on it. These colourful tiles are known as azulejo. Now they are found in every shop, churches, metro stations and complex.

  1. Vasco da Gama Bridge

It is the most renowned attraction for tourists which was constructed in 1998. It’s termed after the famous explorer Vasco da Gama. The bridge helps in minimizing traffic congestion in Lisbon city. The bridge extends on Tagus River for around 17kms.

  1. Cristo Rei Statue

The Cristo Rei statue is the figure of Christ with his arms stretched out to signify that God is embracing all Portugal after World War II massive destruction. It’s inspired by the Brazilian Christ statue.

  1. Praca do Comercio

It is an expensive shopping plaza with lots of restaurants, shops and hotels nearby. Dam Jose I built his home here which was destroyed in 1755 earthquake. However, the Portuguese still call it as the yard of royal palace. There is a statue in the centre with the king sitting on his horse.

  1. Monument to the Discovery

You can see a white stone huge statue on the Tagus shore because that is the point from where all Portugal voyages and navigations began. It was made in the memory of the Prince Henry who was the navigator. The Portugal Prince is first in the line with other heroes following him.

  1. Museu Gulbenkian

The museum is a non-profit organization which displays the art collection of Gulbenkian. It includes the exclusive collection of Monet, Renoir, and exclusive jewellery from Lalique to Rembrandt. There are also masterpieces of Persian porcelain and Chinese jade. The museums often host exhibition that helps people understand the history well.

  1. Rossio Square

The Rossio Square is the meeting place of every coupe, fries, family and others. There are cafes, restaurants, national theatre, and bars. Where people come and enjoy. It’s the most renowned plaza, and was considered as a gathering area since Middle Ages.

  1. Santa Justa Elevator

This elevator, encouraged by Eiffel Tower was designed and built in 1902 by Raul Mesnier. The iron tower takes passengers to walkway that leads to Carmo Convent. However, if tourists want, they can climb stairs, to reach the top of elevator and also enjoy the view of Baixa.

  1. Alfama

Alfama is the ancient quarter of Lisbon where people can enjoy Portuguese folk music, cuisine and different bars and pubs and eateries to enjoy drinks and music.

  1. Lisbon Oceanarium

It is the biggest indoor aquarium which is divided into four habitants that represent four oceans. There are various sea animals from sharks to penguins. Of course, you can also see some tropical birds with colourful fish while strolling the tank.

  1. Jeronimos Monastery

The Monastery is recognized for its carved stones and well-constructed ceilings and windows. The huge attraction is Vasco da Gama’s grave.

  1. Sao Jorge Castle

The castle is the biggest treasure of Lisbon as it is the oldest castle at the top of the Alfama District. There is climbing facility for all tourists to reach the castle and one cannot ignore the paintings and architects that depict royal residents.

  1. Belem Tower

Belem Tower which is also named as tower of St. Vincent is on one of the Island of Tagus River. It was made to protect Lisbon from trespassers and welcomed friends from other cities.

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