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Many people assume that the locksmith business is boring and mundane. People will only think of a locksmith when they have a problem with their locks. They fail to see how absolutely necessary locksmiths are in the modern age. However, this business is teeming with many interesting pieces of advice that homeowners should become aware of. After going through this article, you will be amazed at how exciting and integral the world of locksmiths actually is.

Secret #1

In most instances, homeowners will hire the services of a contractor to install dead bolts in their houses. However, locksmiths advise against this because through their experience they have come to realize that contractors generally do a shoddy job when it comes to installing dead bolts. If the dead bolt is not installed correctly, then it is useless at protecting you and your family. If you are in the 4S Ranch area and require a deadbolt installed, then you should look for a 4S Ranch CA locksmith.

Secret #2

Speaking of dead bolts, most locksmiths opine that the best lock you can have is the dead bolt if it is installed properly. A properly installed dead bolt will have a ‘throw’ of approximately one inch in length. In addition, the bolt should have a security plate on its strike side, with three-inch long screws. The length of the screws will allow the screws to go completely inside the wood frame of the door.

Secret #3

Let us imagine you notice a locked safe at an estate sale or at the flea market. Or maybe, a locked safe is on sale at an auction that you happen to be attending. For most people, the impulse to buy the locked safe is too much to ignore. They are hoping that they will find some lost treasure or important documents that can make them very rich. Thus, they purchase the locked safe, and have to spend upwards of $300 to unlock the safe. In most instances, after opening the lock you will not find anything valuable at all. You would have incurred the cost of purchasing the locked safe, transporting it, and then having a locksmith come and open it, and yet end up with nothing to show for your financial sacrifice or your efforts. Locksmiths usually advice their clients from purchasing or paying someone to open a locked safe bought from the flea market and other similar places.

Secret #4

Most people do not realize what a serious security threat it is having a window near their door. Even if you have installed a dead bolt on the floor, a burglar could just as easily break the glass, slide their hand in, and turn the lock of your door. Locksmiths recommend that homeowners should purchase a lock with a double cylinder. This type of lock needs a key to be unlocked from the inside. Thus, even if a burglar was to break the window, and try to unlock the door, he will be unable because he does not have the key to open the door from the inside.

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