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Do You Want to Open an Auto Repair Shop? List of Equipment You Need

Many skilled mechanics of automobiles dream to open their auto repair shop after getting enough training and hands on experience in their field. However, to start an efficient, and profitable auto shop, you will need not only pure mechanical skills but also many equipment.

Firstly, to start a good auto repair shop, you will need a number of equipment for repairs, so that the work can be done efficiently and quickly and your customer can gain enough confidence about your workshop.

Following are few lists of equipment that are necessary to start a reasonably good auto repair shop.


1.  Air compressor

Any good and reliable air compressor is a must for operating many tools that are to be used in your shop, which includes some auto lifts and pneumatic hand tools. As per the availability of your budget try to get the highest capacity of air compressor.


2.  Jack and jack stands

For most of auto repairs you will be required to raise up the vehicle often, hence your strong floor jack is needed. Get any high-capacity and high-quality jack, for supporting the vehicle after it has been raised. Pole jacks is also needed to support axles and other components of any raised vehicles.


3. Battery charger

You will also need garage supplies which will be needed to charge any dead batteries by using any suitable battery charger. Beside battery charger your shop will also need a jumper to handle battery charging services.


4. Oil drain and caddy

You need to provide services like oil changing and transmission fluid may need an oil caddy of sufficient volume to contain the any big amount of fluid. As you progress further your services will expand and you will be working with many vehicles on lifts, and therefore any standing oil caddy will be able to reach any raised vehicle and make your job quicker and easier.


5.  Engine hoist

For any serious engine work, you will be needing to remove the engine for repairing, rebuilding, or replacing, and hence an engine hoist will be very essential. Buy any hoist that can handle any largest engine that you want to service.


6.  Strut compressor

Any good strut compressor can be very useful for replacing struts or for working on any suspension systems.


7  .Press

Press will be used for many different purposes like working with bushings, bearings, bending metal etc.


8.  Transmission jack

Any transmission work can be much efficient and easier when you have got appropriate method to support a heavy transmission.


9.  Vehicle lifts

Buy any lifts of good quality and well-known brand, so that it will be easier to get its parts for service.


10.  Workbench with vise

Ensure that you have got sturdy, durable, metal workbench which can stand up to any kind of heavy-duty work e.g. hammering which may be essential to separate any frozen parts.


Obtaining your equipment

Whether you are working as any independent workshop or for any other shop you must start buying critical equipment that you can easily afford it.

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